Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Cloud Of Dust

I spent two hours cleaning the garage tonight.

And I'm not done yet...

See, I knew when I started working on this project tonight that I would not finish in just one evening. Getting started had been my problem in the past.  Too cold, too hot, too windy, not enough time - too many excuses. So, at least I got started...right?

The weather is turning more beautiful by day and soon I will want to bring the Cougar home for the summer.

I decided to start with my wife's side of the garage since there was less to deal with on that side.  I pulled everything out of the corners and away from the walls so I could sweep all the dust, grass, leaves, rocks, and dead bugs.  I thought that dealing with the grime first would get me to continue to clean the garage later.  *COUGH* *COUGH*

I rearranged some things that we would not be using anytime soon and put them out of the way in the back corner on my wife's side of the garage.  Other than that I swept up the dirt and grime, put some items in the trash or recycling bin, and organized items so we could get the cars back into the garage.

The next step is to figure out how to arrange and organize the garage to get the most use out of the area.
I recently picked up a magazine to help with that process and gather ideas.  I have thought about higher shelves and a way to hang up some items like my bike, the lawn spreader, and other cumbersome items.  Maybe some paint too...

My side of the garage contains the workbench, a shelf with miscellaneous items and the tool chests.  The back wall has the shovels, rakes and implements of destruction as well as two cabinets and the lawnmower and a door on the right side. My wife's side of the garage has the trash can, the recycling can and a couple of windows.  The garage has a 10 1/2 foot ceiling.

Hmmm...what to do?

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